Why to chose OLONEA®


_nature inspires us

_we create based on science

_we ensure high quality

_products suitable for everyone, without additives, allergenic substances, GMOs

_naturally healthy

_naturally with OLONEA®

   this is our promise!

Who are we?


In OLONEA®, for 12 years now, we have been making our vision come true


Our vision


A degree, in mathematics, is the unit of measurement of levels, angles, and parts of a circumference. A degree is the 1/360 of a full turn, and  ° is its symbol.


That is exactly the vision of OLONEA®, to fully cover the human needs

How are our products being created






Combined products that aim not only to the treatment of a symptom or a disease, but to the holistic approach of the human health

Nutrional medicine


Our holistic approach is based on Nutritional Medicine


Nutritional Medicine or Nutritional Therapy is a multidisciplinary sector of medicine, which concerns the impact of nutritional substances into the health condition of the human body. It evaluates the nutritional habits of people who suffer from a disease related, to a bigger or smaller extent, to their diet and it contributes to the improvement of their health and, as a result, to the cure of the disease.