Quality is our business 


We assure you for our high quality, safety, and effectiveness, as well as for our exceptional raw materials. 



Using all the latest technological methods we conduct all processes automatedly, giving the operators the chance to control all stages of the production line.

Digital applications and mechanisms of weighting, mixing, filling, and packaging guarantee absolute security and high level of quality.



We supervise every stage of the process of production up until packaging, and then we make sure that storage and transport of our products are flawless.

Specially equipped rooms, with a pharmaceutically sterilised environment, that provide ventilation systems for separating particles and filtering processes as well as processes of central air conditioning for decreasing humidity. All the important factors are being controlled and monitored daily, on our Company’s quality system. That is how we guarantee ideal conditions of processing, storage, and transport even for sensitive substances.


Our modern production facilities are totally in accordance with the standards of the model for the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

Finest raw materials


We choose the best raw materials with high standards.


We collaborate with approved Companies in the field of raw materials, Companies that have obtained all the necessary certifications for proved quality. Innovative ingredients with high bioavailability of active substances, high degree of absorption, and specialised combinations which act in harmony with each other without their action being obstructed. 

Extended and continuous tests for the maximum safety and effectiveness possible.

Our products are known to the National Organization for Medications


In OLONEA®, with safety, quality, and effectiveness as our priorities, all our products are known to the National Organization for Medicines (EOF), the Greek state authority for ensuring the safety of pharmaceutical products. “Nutritional supplements” are defined as the nutritional products, for which the National Organization for Medications is responsible, which aim to complete the ordinary diet, and that are concentrated sources of nutritional elements and do not aim to prevent, treat, or cure a human disease.


Quality and security certifications of the bacteflora® production


In OLONEA® we offer the highest quality, effectiveness, and security possible, having obtained all the necessary certifications.



Products that are adequate for everyone


The ingredients of the products have been tested and certified by approved organization, so that they are compatible with dietary habits or religious beliefs. 


Without any harmful additives, allergens, GMOs


All our products do not contain added preservatives, sweeteners, allergens, and genetically modified organisms or ingredients and they are adequate to be consumed by people with food allergies or diabetes.









Quality Policy
ISO 9001 : 2015


  • To be in accordance with the standards imposed by law and regulations,
  • To provide safe products that will meet the requirements of the clients as they have been described in their orders, keeping the cost in competitive levels,
  • To occupy staff that is chosen based on the criteria and demands of each established post, as well as on the will to participate into the vision and the values of the company,
  • To follow the evolution of the market, the moves of the competitors, and the new trends, and to adapt its methods in the best way possible,
  • To systematically follow and keep in a high level the degree of satisfaction of its client, making sure that their requirements and expectations have been defined and are met, taking into consideration the obligations that are a result of contracts and including any requirements imposed by law and regulations.
  • To achieve the Quality Targets that it sets, through their effective management.
  • The name “OLONEA” to be a guarantee for value and quality of the products it produces.
  • For the achievement of the points mentioned above, the corporation has documented and applies a Quality Management System, in accordance with the requirements of the model ΕΝ ISO 9001:2015, which includes all the activities that have an impact on the quality if its products as well as the relations with clients.
  • Moreover, OLONEA is being informed and keeps being in accordance with the obligations established by regulations and legislation which possibly concern and apply to the object of its works.
  • The Quality System is the tool for the development, improvement, and further establishment of OLONEA in the market in which it participates and has the complete support of the Management in matters of funds and means for its efficient appliance and improvement.
  • The Quality Policy that has been enacted is understood by the total of the staff, for which its fulfilment is an everyday objective.

The Manager