Prevention and treatment of urogenital system infections

Urogenital system infections


Most of the disorders of the lower urinary tract, in other words of the urinary bladder and the urethra, are related to common bacterial infections.

Bacteria enter from the skin or from the rectum and infect the urinary tract. The most common type of urinary tract infection is cystitis.

Factors that cause the appearance of urinary tract infections in women


Because of their anatomy, women are at a higher risk of a urinary tract infection.


The urethra in the female body:

  • is “shorter”, so bacteria need to cover a smaller distance
  • is located closer to the rectum, so bacteria can move more easily 

of women

have UTIs at least once in a year

D-Mannose as a structural material of the urinary bladder

D-Mannose is a simple sugar, which is naturally present in the human body as a structural material of the bladder mucus.

Once pathogenic bacteria enter the urinary tract, they are attached to the D-mannose with their fimbriae. The human body reacts, causing an inflammation.

D-Mannose as a supplement


D-Mannose, as a simple sugar, is not degraded. When it is taken via a food supplement, it is absorbed by the body, and it reaches the urogenital system intact. The bacteria recognise the D-mannose of free form, they get attached to it more easily using their fimbriae, and they are expelled through urination.

The D-mannose that is not bonded by bacteria is used by the human body to heal the mucus from the infection.


It acts by expelling the pathogenic bacteria, as well as protecting from a new infection

Every sachet of ouromanoz® RAPID contains 4g of active ingredients for an immediate relief from urinary tract infection symptoms. Contains neither additives nor excipients

Clinically tested ingredients   


The ingredients used to produce ouromanoz® have been tested for their action and effectiveness. All ingredients are adequately certified for their high quality and safety. 



Procistin® contains natural D-mannose from birch bark (Betula pendula), which is a kind of tree.


  • D-mannose high purity 

  • Without genetically modified corn, allergenic traces & corn substances 

  • Without natural & artificial sweeteners




Symptoms’ improvement



Quality of life improvement

Cranberry PACRAN®


PACRAN® comes from whole fruit, including: the husk, the pulp, the juice, and the pit.


as in nature

PACRAN® extended action


It continues being active for over 24 hours for immediate relief 


It effectively and immediately improves the symptoms’ intensity, eliminating the bacteria populations that cause urinary tract infections.

Ellirose™ Hibiscus


Hibiscus sabdariffa-Roselle for immediate action already since the first 24 hours


Hibiscus is a flower rich in polyphenols. These active ingredients have the capacity to act against bacteria, as well as fungi. The population of pathogenic micro-organisms is immediately diminished, and the symptoms’ intensity and severity are improved.  

Inavea® prebiotic acacia


Prebiotic action for the intestinal and vaginal microbiome’s balance

Prebiotic dietary fibers act as a nutritional substrate for the friendly bacteria of the body. They contribute to the intestinal and vaginal microbiome’s balance, as they result into non favourable conditions for the urogenital system infection being created. 

Vitamin C from acerola AceroLife®


A rich, natural source of vitamin C


Its strong action as an antioxidant that strengthens the body and the immune system. Contributes to the treatment of symptoms of infection of the urogenital system.  

ouromanoz® RAPID covers 96% of the Daily Recommended Dose of vitamin C.