The most excellent
green tea

Japanese origin 

Sadō means «The way of tea», also known as tea ceremony. Sadō matcha is grown on family farms in Japan, combining traditional with modern harvesting and cultuvation methods.
Matcha leaves of each harvest are carefully picked by tea masters. 

What is matcha tea;


Matcha tea is a finely ground powder made from whole green tea leaves. It is a high grade green tea and the most exquisite tea in the world. Matcha tea is used in japanese tradional tea ceremony. 

It impresses with the taste and health benefits, as it is one of the richest dietary sources of antioxidants and polyphenols that enhance metabolism and act as an anxiolytic.

Matcha tea


It comes from the same plant (Camelia sinensis), but it differs among other green tea species in the growing process, namely in the period before harvesting. matcha leaves are covered by sunlight for about 1 month before harvesting. This increases the levels of chlorophyll and hence the nutrient content of the foliage.

After harvesting the leaves are sterilized and ground naturally, with stones.The result is an extremely fine and dense powder, strongly green, known as matcha.

Matcha Grades



The Ceremonial Grade Matcha is the tea of the traditional Japanese tea ceremony. It comes from the first harvest of the plant and is characterized as the best quality and flavorful variety of matcha green tea. With bright green color, soft texture and a fresh, delicate flavor, it becomes ideal for making hot drinks, without additional additions.


Premium Matcha contains all the nutrients found in Ceremónial Grade. Its harvest comes from the second harvest, which makes it stronger in taste and less sweet than Ceremonial. It can also be used as a recipe ingredient for cooking and pastry.

Tradional method of preparation Japenese matcha tea 

Enjoy it in a frozen beverage or add it to smoothie, shake or hot beverage.




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